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Niello Audi presents the Audi Technologist - a new, helpful resource for Audi owners who want to learn more about their vehicle.  In-vehicle technology is becoming more sophisticated with every new Audi model, and Niello Audi wants to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their Audi ownership experience.  Niello Audi is proud to be the only Audi dealership in Northern California to offer the Audi Technologist program employing multiple team members to provide the most extensive service and experience.

    "Here at Niello Audi, we believe the better you know your car and learn about all it has to offer your needs, the happier you will be and the more you will enjoy it!" - Bob Nelson, Sales Manager

Schedule time with a Technologist and we will perform a Second Delivery of your vehicle, increasing your knowledge about the Audi products offered on your vehicle.  Our Technologists have completed extensive training on all Audi features, and will answer any questions you have about your vehicle as many times as you require it.  Get the most out of your Audi, and schedule a Second Delivery with Niello Audi today.

Meet our team.

 Eloy  Duran
 Dillon Cooper

  "We look forward to helping you better understand Audi!"
Your Audi Technologist has undergone a comprehensive Audi Dealership Technology training course and is an expert in all areas of the technology equipped in your Audi.  This will ensure that the features in your vehicle are understood and easy to use in your driving experience.  The Audi Technologist can assist with questions about Audi MMI, Advanced Key, Audi Connect, Night Vision, the Audi Parking System and more.
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